The Female equivalent of Steak and BJ Day!

Let’s not beat around the bush… We were sick of this “Man’s Valentine’s Day” tripe being floggedabout and fried-up on March 14th. If Men think that February 14th is all about us women, they’re wrong (and don’t deserve a Steak nor a BJ).

Thus, exactly one month later, we’re running with Cake and Cunnilingus Day - April 14th.

We made a pretty earnest effort of emulating March 14th’s site / layout, but if you have feedback, suggestions or ideas (or if you spot a mistake!) then please do contact us.

Oh, and we also stole their whole donation element - but switched it up a predominantly male related cause. So be sure to INVITE your partner to celebrate by making a small donation right HERE… He/she also gets a cheeky guide on how to give head and bake a sweet cake *innocent faces* … x

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