So, we could seriously use your help…

At the time of writing: our makeshift Facebook fan page has around 3,000 fans; the website isn’t quite finished yet (let alone being promoted); and unsurprisingly not many know of our intent to propel Cake & Cunnilingus Day into the same stratosphere as Steak and BJ Day. And that’s where you (yes, YOU!) can hopefully help… We need to spread the word as fast and as wide as possible. We’re talking some serious propagation.

You could:

  • Like us on Facebook
  • Invite your partner
  • Tweet about us @cakecunnilingus
  • Tell one. Tell all… Colleagues, coconspirators, your crowd - EVERYONE!
  • Celebrate with us on April 14th!

Spread the word (and resultant labia) - go now!

Thanks for any/all efforts - the Cake and Cunnilingus Day girls. x

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